Fakultät Informatik

Dr. Jun Wu

Topics of Research

Physically-bsed Modeling and Interactive Simulation, Haptic Rendering, Collision Detection, Surgery Simulation, Shape Optimization

Project:  Real-Time Haptic Cutting
Project:  High-Resolution Topology Optimization


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Technische Universität München
Informatik 15 (Computer Graphik & Visualisierung)
Boltzmannstrasse 3
85748 Garching bei München

Bachelor/Master/Diploma Thesis Topics

There are interesting topics in Physically-Based Modeling and 3D Printing available. Perfect for Game Engineering theses. Please contact me.

 Volumetric texturing for surgery simulation
Multi-material topology optimization for 3d printing (Ongoing)
Continuous collision detection for composite finite elements (Finished)
Haptic rendering of images (Finished)
Fracture simulation on octree grids (Finished)

Recent Publications

 A System for High-Resolution Topology Optimization
J. Wu, C. Dick, R. Westermann
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics

 Analyzing the Effect of Lossy Compression on Particle Traces
in Turbulent Vector Fields

M. Treib, K. Bürger, J. Wu and R. Westermann
International Conference on Information Visualization Theory and Applications,2015

 Real-Time Haptic Cutting of High Resolution Soft Tissues
J. Wu, R. Westermann, C. Dick
Studies in Health Technology and Informatics (Proc.   Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 2014), 196: 469-475, 2014
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Matthias Niessner, our new Professor from Stanford University, offers a number of interesting topics for  master theses.


PhD positions on   Computational Fabrication and 3D Printing and  Photorealistic Rendering for Deep Learning and Online Reconstruction are available at the Computer Graphics & Visualization group.