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Volumetric texturing for surgery simulation


To enhance the visual realism of surgery simulation, it is desired to render realistic textures of organs. In the context of our cutting simulator, we are interested in volumetric texturing since new surface meshes are dynamically generated after the cutting operation. An animation of the developed cutting simulator can be seen in the video [19 MB DivX].


The main goal of this work is to develop an efficient approach to generate and render textures which mimic those in real surgical scenarios. The technique published in [1] should be re-implemented.


  • Experience with C/C++, DirectX
  • Knowledge in computer graphics, the rendering pipeline (lecture Computer Graphics)


[1] Bachofen, Daniel, János Zátonyi, Matthias Harders, Gábor Székely, P. Fruh, and Markus Thaler. "Enhancing the visual realism of hysteroscopy simulation." Studies in health technology and informatics 119 (2005): 31.   https://www.vision.ee.ethz.ch/publications/papers/proceedings/eth_biwi_00390.pdf




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