Fakultät Informatik

Master-Praktikum - Interactive Visual Data Analysis

Master-Praktikum - Interactive Visual Data Analysis


 F. Ferstl,  M. Treib, Prof. Dr. R. Westermann


Computer Science

Time, Place

Weekly meetings each Wednesday 3-4 PM in room 02.13.010.

An introduction was held on 10.07.2013 in room 02.13.010 at 3 PM.


16.10.2013 at 3 PM in room 02.13.010


Einführung in die Informatik I, Analysis, Lineare Algebra, Computer Graphics, C++


IN2106, 6 SWS, 10.0 ECTS


Via  TUMonline.


23.7.2013 - The slides from the introduction are now available.

The first meeting will be on 16.10.2013 at 3 PM in room 02.13.010; presence is mandatory for all participants. We will fix the teams, and the first weekly assignment will be presented. Also last-minute registration will be possible there (provided that there are free places left).


The main purpose of this course is to convey fundamental knowledge in the field of scientific visualization, including topics such as

  • Volume Visualization
  • Flow Visualization
  • GPGPU Programming

The participants will develop an interactive tool for the visualization of stationary and time-dependent 3D scalar- and vector-fields. The C++ language and Direct3D 11 + HLSL (including compute shaders) will be used to implement the discussed algorithms and concepts using the computational power of modern GPUs.

While knowledge of C++ and the fundamentals of computer graphics is expected, students will be given an introduction to Microsoft's Direct3D application programming interface.

Slides / Assignments / Media