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Proseminar/Seminar - How to make a PIXAR movie

 Dr. C. Dick, Prof. Dr. R. Westermann

Proseminar/Seminar - How to make a PIXAR movie

Time, Place

TBA, MI 02.13.010







News / Information

An introduction (Slides) will be held on July 12, 2012 in room MI 00.12.019,

This seminar will be held as a block course on two days at the end of the winter term. We offer a total of 14 spots for undergraduate (Proseminar/Seminar) and graduate (Seminar) students.

The seminar will be held in German language.


The main purpose of this seminar is to introduce the basic ideas of computer graphics. Exemplary topics as they occur in the process of generating an animated feature-film will be discussed. The seminar will try to cover the entire pipeline from the storyboard to the final movie, thus giving detailed insight in how computer-assisted animation is done today. The focus will be on computer graphics, but there will be other topics that address more artistic views as well.

To sucessfully participate in this seminar, the attendants have to prepare a talk, which should last 25-30 (proseminar) or 40-45 minutes (seminar). Talks can be held in German or English, with German being preferred. Supplementary, a short workout (approximately 4-6 pages) has to be prepared. During the preparation for the talks, independent investigation for further reading is desired. For general details, please see Seminar FAQ (PDF, not up-to-date).

Available Topics






24.01.2013, 10:00

01 The Animation Pipeline

Sonja Vogl

I. Demir


24.01.2013, 10:35

02 Modeling

Jan Krohn

I. Demir


24.01.2013, 11:25

03 Rigging and Skinning

Monika Ullrich

 M. G. Chajdas


24.01.2013, 13:00

04 Motion Capturing

Dana Imminger

 M. Treib


24.01.2013, 13:50

05 Inverse Kinematics

Mateusz Burek

 M. Mihai


24.01.2013, 14:40

06 Rigid Body Motion

Bettina Maier

 Dr. C. Dick


24.01.2013, 15:30

07 Deformable Bodies

Lukas Welte

 Dr. C. Dick


25.01.2013, 9:00

08 Lighting and Shading

Christian Mayr

 M. Treib


25.01.2013, 9:50

09 Raytracing

Thomas Marschall

 F. Ferstl


25.01.2013, 10:55

10 Texturing

Denis Huber

 F. Ferstl


25.01.2013, 11:30

11 Photon Mapping

Simon Mießler

 Dr. K. Bürger


25.01.2013, 13:20

12 Global Illumination Effects

Leonhard Spiegelberg

 Dr. K. Bürger


25.01.2013, 14:10

13 Non-Photorealistic Rendering

Corinna Steck

 M. Rautenhaus


25.01.2013, 15:00

14 Compositing and Post-Effects

Sven Barth

 F. Reichl


Literature and Links

ACM Digital Library

The TUM has an account at the ACM digital library which hosts some of the most important conferences on Computer Graphics. To access it, proceed as follows:

  • Configure your browser to use proxy.informatik.tu-muenchen.de at port 8080.
  • Read the three bullets below, then browse to  ACM Digital Library.
  • Make sure you see "HeBIS: TU Muenchen" witten in the logo, and not "Technische Universitaet Muenchen".
  • Now you can search for papers, topics etc. They are hosted in pdf format.
  • It might be necessary to perform the above procedure from within the TU web.


- In collaboration with partners from industry, we have a number of thesis topics available in the area of point-based rendering, geo-localization using public data, scene fusion from different viewpoints. If you are interested, please contact  westermann(at)tum.de


- Game Devel. Lab Practical for SS'18: kick off meeting on April 3rd,  details here. No matching system sign-up needed!


- One PhD position on   Turbulence Visualization is available at the Computer Graphics & Visualization group.