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Bachelor-Praktikum - Echtzeitgraphik in C++ und DirectX10

 Matthäus Chajdas, Marc Treib, Kai Bürger, Prof. Dr. Westermann

 Bachelor-Praktikum - Echtzeitgraphik in C++ und DirectX10

Time, Place

Monday, 10:45 - 12:15, MI 02.13.010





For Bachelor students only!

Nur für Studenten des Bachelorstudiengangs!


The introduction was held on Monday, October 18th 2010, 10:45 - 11:30 in room MI 02.13.010.


The main purpose of this course is to convey fundamental knowledge in state-of-the-art programming on graphics processing units (GPU) using Microsoft's DirectX application programming interface. Students will be given a short introduction to object oriented programming using the C++ language before they start to learn the principles of the programmable graphics pipeline on modern GPUs in detail.

This course will be held in cooperation with the  Mediadesign FH. While the mediadesign students will provide us with high quality content, our participants are expected to write a stand alone rendering application showcasing state-of-the-art effects with modern production content (using normal mapping, for instance, as can be seen  here).

Slides / Assignments / Media

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- In collaboration with partners from industry, we have a number of thesis topics available in the area of point-based rendering, geo-localization using public data, scene fusion from different viewpoints. If you are interested, please contact  westermann(at)tum.de


- Game Devel. Lab Practical for SS'18: kick off meeting on April 3rd,  details here. No matching system sign-up needed!


- One PhD position on   Turbulence Visualization is available at the Computer Graphics & Visualization group.