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This page may be outdated as Dr. Joachim Georgii is no longer working at tum.3D, go to  Fraunhofer MEVIS for his new webpage .

Dr. Joachim Georgii

Topics of Research while at tum.3d

Physics-based Simulation,  Deformable Objects,  Visual Computing, Multigrid Techniques, Biomedical Applications

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Fraunhofer MEVIS
Universitätsallee 29
28359 Bremen 

Please note that the publication list below is incomplete. For Dr. Joachim Georgii's more recent publications please visit the  Fraunhofer MEVIS webpage.

Publications with tum.3d

 Interactive Deformations with Multigrid Skeletal Constraints
J. Georgii, D. Lagler, C. Dick, R. Westermann
VRIPHYS Workshop in Virtual Reality Interactions and Physical Simulations 2010
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Winner of Best Paper Award

A Streaming Approach for Sparse Matrix Products and its Application in Galerkin Multigrid Methods
J. Georgii and R. Westermann
 Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis Vol. 37
[ Download] [Bibtex]

 Interactive Geometry Decals
J. Schneider, J. Georgii, R. Westermann
In Proc. International Conference on Vision, Modelling, and Visualization (VMV) 2009
[Download] [Bibtex]

 Real-time Approaches for Model-based PIV and Visual Fluid Analysis
P. Kondratieva, K. Bürger, J. Georgii, R. Westermann
Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Multidisciplinary Design
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 Corotated Finite Elements Made Fast and Stable
J. Georgii, R. Westermann
VRIPHYS Workshop in Virtual Reality Interactions and Physical Simulations 2008
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 Interactive Simulation and Visualization in Joint Replacement Surgery
C. Dick, J. Georgii, R. Westermann
Internationale Biomechanik- und Biomaterial-Tage 2008

A Real-time Model-based Approach for the Reconstruction of Fluid Flows induced by Microorganisms
P. Kondratieva, J. Georgii, H. Petermeier, W. Kowalczyk, A. Delgado, R. Westermann
 Experiments in Fluids (2008), 45:203-222
[ Download]

 Interactive Collision Detection for Deformable and GPU objects
J. Georgii, J. Krüger, R. Westermann
IADIS International Journal on Computer Science and Information Systems Vol. 2 Number 2 (October 2007)
[Download] [Bibtex]

 Freeform Image
T. Schiwietz, J. Georgii, R. Westermann
Pacific Graphics 2007
[Download] [Bibtex]

 Interactive GPU-based Collision Detection
J. Georgii, J. Krüger, R. Westermann
IADIS Computer Graphics and Visualization 2007
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Outstanding Paper Award Winner

 Advanced Volume Rendering for Surgical Training Environments
J. Georgii, M. Eder, L. Kovacs, A. Schneider, M. Dobritz, R. Westermann
International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery (Proceedings of CARS) 2007
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 A Generic and Scalable Pipeline for GPU Tetrahedral Grid Rendering
J. Georgii, R. Westermann
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (Proceedings of  IEEE Visualization 2006)
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 Echtzeitverfahren zur modellbasierten Rekonstruktion von Strömungsfeldern aus experimentell bestimmten Partikelsequenzen
P. Kondratieva, J. Georgii, R. Westermann
14. Fachtagung über Lasermethoden in der Strömungsmesstechnik (GALA 2006)
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 Interactive Simulation and Rendering of Heterogeneous Deformable Bodies
J. Georgii, R.Westermann
Vision, Modeling and Visualization 2005
[Download] [Bibtex]

 A Multigrid Framework for Real-Time Simulation of Deformable Volumes
J. Georgii, R.Westermann
VRIPHYS Workshop in Virtual Reality Interactions and Physical Simulations 2005
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 Interactive Simulation of Deformable Bodies on GPUs
J. Georgii, F. Echtler, R. Westermann
Simulation and Visualization 2005
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- In collaboration with partners from industry, we have a number of thesis topics available in the area of point-based rendering, geo-localization using public data, scene fusion from different viewpoints. If you are interested, please contact  westermann(at)tum.de


- One PhD position on   Turbulence Visualization is available at the Computer Graphics & Visualization group.