g3d Version Alpha 1.0

Graphs regions of form


Available Functions: (as of now):


Type in the functions you want to graph
Click the Plot Button
Drag the mouse in the plot area to rotate the graph.
This applet might take a minute to load, please be patient, it's worth it.


  • Single/Double Z: Toggles between 1 and 2 surfaces to Plot
    If the value is set to Double, and both z1(x,y) and z2(x,y) are defined, it calculates volume using the Rieman sum
    As Meshing gets better (see "Finer Grid" button) it gets more accurate
  • Plot: Plots the current functions in the text windows
  • Refresh - fixes colors so that the Red component reflects elevation
  • Finer Grid: Remeshes the object with smaller grid
    Warning: Will look much nicer, but object will take longer to rotate
  • Wider Grid:Remeshes object with wider grid spacing
    Will look rougher, but will rotate much faster
  • Help gives list of available functions as well as the "About"
    The demo functions might help if you are having trouble with the syntax or something.

  • Note: If one of the dimensions (notably Z) is very big comparative to the
    others, the object might appear as a point due to scaling and round-off error.
    for now you just have to adjust the limits appropriatly.

    The Source Code:

    Graphing Part:

    Graphing done using a rectangular mesh and polygons plotted using a simple painters's algorithm.