The Amazing Gamma Measuring Applet

Have you ever noticed that when you view the same image (say a picture off the net) on two different monitors the image can appear very differently? Well, that's because different monitors have different gamma values (especially, if they are of different brands). This is OK though, because if you are using xv or some other good viewing program, you can "gamma-correct" the image. The question is, what do you set it to? In other words, what is the gamma of your monitor? This little Java applet will try to help you figure out the gamma of your monitor.

Stand back, defocus your eyes (so that the screen appears blurry) and use the slider to match the gray on the right with the gray on the left. When they look the same, read out the value at the bottom. This is your gamma.

Source code is here.
NOTE: This applet sucks on 8-bit monitors since Java can't grab all 255 gray-levels it needs from the color table thus you may see some blues and/or yellows in there. If you know how to correct this problem, please drop me a note.